Between Aspromonte and Sila lies the Natural Regional Park of Serre, which consists of around 18,000 hectares of land spread across the provinces of Catanzaro, Vibo Valentia and Reggio Calabria.
The Park was established in 1990 and, in 2004, it became a protected natural area with the aim of conserving and enhancing its natural heritage including its physical, biological and geomorphological formations that, together with the human elements, have created a totally unique asset.
The topography of the region has helped preserve the natural ecosystem thanks to the presence of several mountains that face each other which were carved by steep and sinuous gorges.
The Serre has one of the most diverse forest landscapes in Calabria thanks to its characteristic slopes and reliefs covered by vast expanses of forest.
The park is crossed by two long, opposing mountain ranges: that of Monte Covello, with peaks just over 800 metres high, and that of Monte Pecoraro, which lays claim to the highest peak of around 1400 metres.
 The Serre area mainly consists of mountains covered by vast unspoilt and picturesque woods, including the Bosco di Stilo which was once a famous hunting reserve of the Bourbon Kings. Numerous waterways also meander through the park and develop into spectacular waterfalls, among which the most impressive is the Marmarico waterfall in the municipality of Bivongi. Other equally captivating but shorter waterfalls can be found along the other waterways of the Serre, which create wonderfully scenic natural architecture. One such waterfall is the Pietra Cupa situated on the Assi di Guardavalle river, which features a drop of more than 15 metres. The water runs very quickly over a smooth rock wall overhung by huge twisted trees before reaching a large lake surrounded by bushes and shrubs.
Another picture perfect site is the WWF Oasis of Lake Angitola, where you can enjoy taking walks whilst surrounded by a breath-taking panorama offering views of the lake that stands out amidst the lush green of the forest.
As you walk through the park’s woods and forests that teem with chestnut, black pine, alder, beech, silver fir, holm oak, poplar, white poplar and maple trees, you may be able to catch a glimpse of wild boar, foxes, badgers, wild cats, Haflinger and Murgese horses, mouflons, fallow deer, deer, roe deer, weasels, beech martens, and various birds including: the grey heron, pheasants, peacocks, the common raven, great tits, the hoopoe, or the rare black woodpecker.
But the most important animal to inhabit the Serre Park has to be the wolf, a representative species that has chosen and repopulated the territory after decades of absence. Equally rare and important to the area are the porcupine and the Wild Cat, another star of Serre's fauna.
Along the many nature trails inside the park, and whilst surrounded by stunning scenery, you can admire many particularly important places of worship such as the centuries-old Abbey of the Carthusian Monks of Serra San Bruno, one of the few still in operation; the Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Bosco; and the tomb of the founder of the Order of the Carthusian monks, San Bruno di Colonia, which is also located in Serra San Bruno. The park also contains many examples of industrial architecture dating back to the Bourbon era.


Acquaro, Arena, Badolato, Bivongi, Brognaturo, Cardinale, Davoli, Fabrizia, Francavilla Angitola, Gerocarne, Guardavalle, Maierato, Mongiana, Monterosso Calabro, Nardodipace, Pizzo, Pizzoni, Polia, San Sostene, Santa Caterina dello Ionio, Satriano, Serra San Bruno, Simbario, Sorianello, Spadola, Stilo.


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