In Calabria, the past and present have always coexisted in harmony in a relationship that has produced a unique blend of art and history.
From its ancient Magna Graecian roots to its Roman cities, without forgetting its Byzantine and Norman ruins and noble palazzos: the whole of Calabria is dotted with charming villages that contain a wealth of precious cultural and historical treasures.

Surrounded by unique scenery, Calabria's villages conserve tradition, authenticity, architecture and hidden treasures as well as countless gastronomic delicacies.
The delights of the villages can be discovered and appreciated in every season. In spring, the woodland flora and fauna create breath-taking surroundings whereas during the summer months the coastal villages transform into vibrant holiday destinations with great nautical traditions and spectacular beaches. Autumn brings grapes and chestnuts and the joy of village festivals and in winter, layers of snow cover the landscapes of Sila, Aspromonte and Pollino.

Throughout Calabria you will come across many hidden gems with surprises to be found around every corner. The region is home to many churches blessed with valuable works of art and hundreds of ancient trattorias which are the perfect place to sample the traditional Calabrian cuisine. Master crafters use traditional methods to make artefacts in their workshops, evoking the age of magnificent noble palaces steeped in the history of the region.

As you explore Calabria, you will feel as though you have stepped into the past where atmospheres, genuine flavours and authentic aromas of days gone by can still be breathed in just like they used to be.

The region is a celebration of "slow" tourism, which appreciates relaxed rhythms, good food and artisanal crafts and invites you to discover its traditional villages.

You will enjoy a journey that you wish would last forever as you explore the most beautiful authentic villages in Italy, taking in the Orange Flags, Slow Cities, historic seaside villages, the true jewels of Italy and the settings of many great story-tales. You can experience the great wealth of history, art, culture and traditions in the small Calabrian towns where the dream of sustainable local development, respect for people and places and the promotion of local identities has become a reality.

The quality of the tourist attractions and the environment are such that travellers’ interests and needs are easily met. Visitors can experience fascinating places, learn about historical and cultural events and try superb local food and wine all within a single day. Here, the local inhabitants still play an important role in the passing of the seasons and in the places characterised by respect for traditions and the spontaneity of religious rites. It is the perfect place to relish the joy of a slow-paced and quiet life.