Between Aspromonte and Sila there is the Serre Regional Park, a protected natural area. The Park is crossed by two long mountain ranges, large forests and waterways with high waterfalls. The geography of the area has kept the natural ecosystem due to the presence of several mountains, facing each other, with steep and winding gorges, thus preserving an ideal state of conservation. The environment, in fact, has undergone a slow process of transformation, so that the eco-system that exists today is absolutely similar to the one formed in historical times. It can indeed be argued that the area offers diverse environmental opportunities, including some that are nearly perfect from an ecosystem perspective. The park, due to the variety of natural environments, is divided into so-called zones, so that depending on the surface involved, different measures of protection and land conservation are applied. The Serre landscape is one of the most complex multi-faceted forests of Calabria, due to the different types of slopes and hills covered by vast forest extensions. The forest formations are: the Mediterranean scrub, mainly located in the lower areas; chestnut groves, present at higher altitudes; the beech woods and the fir trees, which can be found on the top of all the highest peaks. It is a location of rare beauty for the splendour of the forest area, the rich fauna and the presence of numerous streams. The plant species that dominate the area are: the Chestnut (tall trunked in the best areas and coppice in the other ones), the laricio pine, the common alder, the alder Neapolitan (that can be found in spontaneous high forests that cover the valleys, in cooler areas and riverbeds), Beech and Silver Fir (species of great natural value that are in groups or in pure and mixed forests found in higher and colder areas), the Holm oak, the white poplar, the Aspen Tree, the Yew, the common willow, the common maple Robino (which are sporadic in the lower areas). The most important aspect of the fauna of the Serre Park is the presence of the wolf, a representative species that has chosen and regained the territory after decades of absence. Equally rare and important is the porcupine. Another key protagonist of the Serre fauna is the Wildcat. The attraction of a fascinating land is also connected to the handicraft production that captivates visitors and that perfectly matches their demands.


Acquaro, Arena, Badolato, Bivongi, Brognaturo, Cardinale, Davoli, Fabrizia, Francavilla Angitola, Gerocarne, Guardavalle, Maierato, Mongiana, Monterosso Calabro, Nardodipace, Pizzo, Pizzoni, Polia, San Sostene, Santa Caterina dello Ionio, Satriano, Serra San Bruno, Simbario, Sorianello, Spadola, Stilo.


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