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Conflenti (CZ)


Data/Ora: dal 24/07/2017 ore 19.58, al 29/07/2017

Felici&Conflenti aims to share and communicate the choreutic and musical culture from the surroundings of mount Reventino. This event brings together dancers, musicians, researchers and harbingers of tradition in a context in which knowledge is communicated horizontally and orality is paramount. An occasion to discover and rediscover an ancient music tradition in direct contact with the lively culture that produced it.



Conflenti preserves an ancient historical center still intact, characterized by stone houses huddled together, climbing up and down the slopes and nestling in an untouched natural landscape, with water springs and silent forests. In the old town, narrow streets (vinelle) were once the center of local economic and social life. Conflenti can boast the beautiful and elegant 18th-century tuff gates that were sculpted and carved by local stonemasons of the time. A large number of churches and worship places form the rich artistic and cultural heritage of Conflenti. There are many other places to visit, like the water mills and the paths leading to ancient wooden bridges and rural houses that were once the heart of local agricultural life.

The rich artistic and cultural heritage of Conflenti includes a large number of churches and sacred places. The Church of Sant’Andrea keeps two wooden panel paintings dating to 1600, and reproducing Our Lady of Sorrows and John the Apostle, and a fine wooden statue representing Saint Andrew. The Church of San Nicola di Bari was erected in the 15th century with a three-nave layout and side chapels; it was damaged by earthquakes and flooding, and closed. The church of Madonna di Loreto presents a remarkable arched tuff gate with a broken tympanum defined on each side by coupled acroteria. The 17th-century Church of Immacolata houses the wooden statue of the Immaculate Conception, while the central nave pulpit still stands in its original place. The Church of Apparizione keeps the paintings of the Maltese Father Nathanael Theuma who was in charge of the restoration of the church. The Diocesan Refuge of S. Maria della Bellezza stands near the church of Apparizione. The Monastery of S. Maria di S. Damiano, still under construction, will host the cloistered nuns of the Order of the Poor Clares. Conflenti is the destination of many religious tourists, being one of the most frequently visited places of worship in Calabria. The town is renowned for the Sanctuary Basilica Maria SS. delle Grazie della Quercia in Visora. It was erected in 1580 near an oak where several apparitions of the Virgin Mary occurred. The three-nave building was remodeled several times over the centuries. The façade date to late 19th century. Ionic and Doric columns are present along the perimeter of the building, drawing attention to the upper glass windows. The arcade supported by Ionian pilasters and the above balcony are remarkable. The Divine Picture stands on the main altar and reproduces the image of the Virgin Mary and her Child. The Virgin in the picture, considered to be miraculous and painted by angels, became the patron saint of Conflenti. Three paintings by Zimatore and Grillo from Pizzo Calabro can be admired on the ceiling of the main nave. A 17th-century marble statue reproducing Madonna and Child and four canvases by the Neapolitan painter Father Stefano Macario, deserve to be mentioned. Outside the Sanctuary, a centuries-old elm stands. Although gaunt, the tree is considered one of the monuments of the town.